La Push and Rialto Beach

Friday, Ellen and I had a great breakfast at a little cafe and then drove around and walked along La Push beach. Then drove over to and walked along Rialto beach. Weather great. As usual, saw lots of other fun WINs along the way. After Circle, six of us went to Louise’s rv and had Vodka Cake, with pineapple juice and grenadine. Very enjoyable.

Went back and had another delicious breakfast at the same cafe and back to La Push beach. We were involved in picking up rocks are on the beach and were caught off-guard by a huge wave and got soaked. Had a great time. Tonight, Donna, Bruce, Ellen and I went into Forks and had a nice Chinese dinner. Really enjoyable. Lots of socializing tonight. Also learning Google Maps and emailing and texting pictures on iPhone. Every day getting more tech savvy!

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