Lamanai in Belize

This morning Tammie, Don, Jim, Katie and I were picked up at our pier at 7:00am by a boat and were taken on a long ride on an old bus to another boat for another long ride to Lamanai. Here is some of the description.

A full day of adventure takes you to the mainland, then on a jungle river ride, up the old Northern River to the beautiful village of Bomba, an excellent place for gorgeous Zericott woodcarvings. From there, enjoy seeing the diverse Belizean countryside and local villags as you travel along the un-spoilt Pan American Highway to Orange Walk. Here you resume your jungle. River ride and your guide will enthrall you with a narrated river tour of the varied bird-life and native flora. Along the way you will see a Mennonite settlement where they live without modern conveniences according to their traditions.

On of the largest Mayan ceremonial centers in Belize, museum, lush jungle, Maya mountains, river lagoon, intricate Mayan carvings, jungle walk, temples, wildlife, howling monkeys, crocodiles.

It really was the perfect day and memorable trip. I climbed to the top of Jaquar Temple. The wind felt so good and my ears were very happy. I couldn’t believe it. We got home at 6:00pm and took a taxi to town and had dinner at the Caliente Restaurant and met up with LindaRae, Craig, Mike, and Jessi. Can’t believe this is our last night in San Pedro at the Tranquillity Beach Club. The week went too quickly. I want to spend more time here.

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