Let hope point you in a positive direction!

Got a call today, that all of the paperwork from Social Security, Veterans Administration and Bank of America, that I put together – is not acceptable.  Also, they need paperwork from Uncle Joe’s Whole Life Insurance Policy.  What?  Never knew he had any.  My body is still so fatigued.  No energy.  Have to feel better by next week, or they say he can not live there.  I do not want to be responsible for any of this.  Feeling very overwhelmed.  I swear that  am never going to help anybody, ever again.  You give it your all, you get sick, and then it is all for nothing anyway.  I am pissed, angry and exhausted.  He probably should not even be living on his own as it is, but the Veterans will not help him either.  Cold, cruel, rotten, heartless world.  Life sucks, and nothing is worth nothing.  My body has to cooperate.  I am too damn frustrated with it.

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