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Went to Nautilus this morning and did machines, water aerobics, laps and steam sauna. Oh, and the Best News at the gym. The scale says I weight 175 pounds. Yea!! I have lost another five pounds. Finally! So Happy! We had our first InfraRed Body Wrap and signed up their calendar for every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for the next month – including the day that we are flying to Belize! You get nice and toasty and all wrapped up. Very relaxing. Received all of our JuicePlus vitamins and chocolate drink today. I am returning all of them. Six large capsules every day and fuss with pouch and powder. Would rather just take the Protandim and Special K Milk Chocolate Protein drink. Yes, my secret is out. I am waaayyyyy too lazy to fuss with too many products.

Ran to the post office, gas station, Fred Meyers, did laundry. Finally, after 7:00pm went to Wranglers for Taco Tuesday and Trivia. Tied and won trivia all night. Great music.

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