Life has wonderful surprises in store for you!

Been working since 4:00am this morning. Getting DualTemp set up on bed. Doing lots of projects. Also, I ordered a TV for the living room. This should pretty much be it now for awhile. Admittedly, I will only have one chair and no other seating in the living room for awhile. I’ll make it my own little Home Theater. Should be fun. Been going full steam for about ten hours. Definitely ready for a little rest and relaxation. Used my air fryer for chicken wings. Just too much fun. Enjoying my air conditioner. I finally turned on the one in the living room. Haven’t really needed it, but thought I’d better try it and make sure I know what I’m doing. The guys are coming back tomorrow morning at 7:30am. and will be working all day. They are going to take out the wall heaters, the swamp cooler, etc.

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