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At first I thought, What a Great Idea!  One pound at a time!  Slow and easy.  Baby steps.  Very doable.  Then I found a 50% coupon for today only at the burrito shop across the street for Today!  Then I realized, Yes, I have already had chocolate chip cookies for breakfast this morning.  Then I went to for a weight-loss community.  Not really feeling it.  lol   Hmmm…  think I’m ready to kick back and relax.

Well, today Bill Mack sold his golf cart.  Dad and Bill had so much fun delivering the Courier and flyers all around the park in that golf cart for the last ten years.  They may still be able to though.  Dad can ride his motorized scooter and Bill can walk along side him.  Hope they actually do this.  It would be a lot of fun for them.

My cell phone has Facebook (build 141046) running for several days now.  Kind of like it is loading.  I have tried to remove Facebook, have powered on and off several times, tried to remove the Facebook App – but, I Can Not remove this thing.  Very Frustrated!

Dad and I drove to the Hayward Loop in downtown Hayward today.  They are working on it all weekend long and will be done Monday morning.  Between A and D Street it will be one way on Foothill and one way on Mission Blvd.  It’s part of the 238 corridor.

Also, we went across the street to the Open House for the new coach they put in.  Small, about 1300 feet, but cute.  Asking $151,000.  Today it looked like all the people from the park went to look at it.  Also, got a coupon from Facebook for the Taco shop across the street for 50% off today.  We picked up the enchilada combo.  Delicious!

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