Life is better than a movie. And you’re the star!

I feel so good.  Nice leisurely morning, while dad went to exercise class.  Then I did some running around and treated myself to a happy morning Starbucks Grande Carmel Frappuccino – no whip.  Then enjoyed walking around Lake Elizabeth – Twice! – half the time – barefoot.  Aaahhh.  I am a bit slow.  Took me two hours to walk four miles.  lol  Definitely made my 10,000 steps with my new Fitbit Flex – it started vibrating and lighting up.  Pretty cool!  Then to my Acupuncture with Dr. Tsao.  I really feel better during and after having a treatment.  So happy that I am able to this now.  Still working on mucus in chest and eyes.  Doing lots of eye exercises each day.  Also, meditating every day with mantra.  Came home and made a nice sausage, peppers and eggs dinner for dad.  Then a nice, relaxing Jacuzzi.  Such a happy day.

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