Life is only available in the present moment.

Whew! It is 9:30am and I am exhausted! Got lots done early this morning. Even found a great spot in a quiet neighborhood to go to tonight. Walmart is good, but lots of lights and lots of noise. Went to find a good parking spot for tubing today. Shriners are having a 5k and 10k run for the kids today at the very same spot! Too many People! May save tubing for tomorrow. Came to find the parking lot I used yesterday – boy I Have No Sense of Direction. And these round-abouts. Sheesh. I was right there – but turned around in my head. Just No Sense of Direction!!!! Frustrating. But I just started over with my GPS and it worked out great. Even found a pull-through spot. Think I will go to the movies today and walk around. There is so much to see and do right here. And even have free wifi in the Bend parking lot! Such a bonus. Closed all my curtains. Turned on my fan. Snug and cozy while I relax.

Went to the Regal Old Mill Stadium Cinema 16 and saw three movies: Minions; Ant-Man and Inside Out. Ant-Man was a good movie. It is comfortably warm today, but overcast. Hope the weather gets hot and sunny again.

6:00pm It’s raining.

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