Life isn’t always fair but it’s still good.

Went to the chiropractor yesterday morning. Had lunch at The Silver Spoon in Castro Valley with Tony Jurado. As I already knew, I have seriously gone out of control of my yearly budget. So now I am going to start really taking things a lot slower. But it’s still all good. Had a pedicure. Let Steven who was doing my nails choose the color. Wild neon pink. Perfect for the funeral Tuesday. Lol. Drove to Union Landing, when Tommy called. Came back to Castro Valley. We put oil in his car and then spent about four hours at McDonald’s.

Completed two surveys from McDonald’s. We are using the first one this morning. Buy one egg mc muffin get one free. This afternoon going to dentist for teeth cleaning. Then we are going to Uncle Joe’s and clean kitchen and bathrooms for final inspection.

This afternoon bought new mattress pad at Costco and Walmart. Will have to return one. I am in so much pain with my back. Must find solution. I am hoping that I just need to put my new foam wedges under a good mattress pad. Hoping. Hoping. Hoping. What an amazingly beautiful full pink moon out tonight

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