Life’s greatest riches are still free.

Early this morning, I ran to the post office and then went shopping. After that I went to the bank and took care of some banking needs. Had to call Ruben. Yep, live cockroach. Can’t get rid of these guys. But, certainly going to keep trying. Skipper says they are just in this area. I know when I was in Pensacola, Florida, it was the same way. Just kind of a way of life. But as long as I have the contract, I’m going to keep calling Ruben and cross my fingers. I only saw the one, but I picked up the phone immediately. I’m not scared of them. I just don’t like them. And if there is one, there must be others. Right? Also, finally got my artificial trees back in the ground with lots of rocks holding them in. Hope it is enough for the winds. If not, I’ll do it again with twice as many rocks. The weather is so gorgeous right now. Wish it were always like this. Love the fall season pretty much everywhere.

Called Apple Care for my iPhone. I’m taking an online photography class about taking great pictures using your iPhone. The “Burst” thumbnails feature wasn’t working correctly. Apple was so helpful, as usual, and we got it all figured out. Really enjoying learning how to take pictures.

Also, I have signed up for a daily email, with a video and step-by-step instructions. Every day I learn something new about using my iPhone. So happy that I signed up. It is $4.95 a month, but I’ve learned so much just in two weeks. Probably everyone else already knows these things, but I am learning from every single tip each day so far.

Also, so far, looks like things are coming along with my properties in Michigan. I asked them to get estimates for repairs, from notes from the inspection report. Looks like that is being done this week on each property. Not sure how long, or how much….. (gulp)… but, at least we are moving forward.

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