LifeVantage Financial Freedom

I know. I know. I am supposed to be enjoying my time here with the WINs. I am so excitedly enthused with my fast learning curve on “doing the business”. I have my new MacBook Pro up and running – “learning curve”. Lol. Everything is happened at once. Have been talking on the phone like crazy with Skipper with all the new information. We have been making it so complicated – and it is actually so easy. Or at least simple. It is now fast and easy to just ask people if they are interested. Most won’t be. But others, like ourselves, will jump right in. Then those are the people we will work with and go forward. This is so simple – even an Italian can do it!

Have been going crazy learning my new MacBook Pro. Been dealing with the GeekSquad for four hours. No help. Finally, figured it out myself. Go figure!

Had a big pizza party for dinner and a lot of drawings. I won a flash drive for the computer and a foot massage!

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