LifeVantage Protandim Day 1

Yes, received our Protandim this afternoon and took one pill.  Day 1.  Very excited.  Hope it clears up my Epi-Retinal Membrane scar tissue on my left retina.  And my chronic bronchitis.  And that I sleep better at night.  And have more energy in the day.  And softens my chapped lips.  And my ears get happier, and my inner left ear stop itching to beyond infinity.  Okay, my stuff is not too serious.  Let’s just say I want to feel healthier and healthier each day.

This morning we went to the gym and went to water aerobics at the pool.  Love being in the pool. And the steam sauna.  We signed up for Tanning for every other day for the next month to get ready for our trip to Belize for Michael and Jessi’s wedding.   And I took a nice, long three-hour deep nap this afternoon.  Nice and awake now!

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