LifeVantage Protandim Day 10

Starting last night, we are now taking Protandim twice a day. We decided we want to try and jump-start our healing. Don’t know if this will help, but we are impatient to see results. So much we want to improve. Today we drove to the coast, by the ocean. First went to Tillamook and saw everything and hand Tillamook cheese sandwiches, followed by Tillamook ice cream sundaes. Kept driving up the coast to Lincoln and picked up the jewelry we had dropped of for repairs two weeks ago. Then went to the Indian Casino and played slots, played Keno, had drinks and nachos. Received a message from Verizon. Have already used 75% of my data usage on my iPad and still have three weeks to go! Having wifi much better than using data. Kind of a rip-off, but….. so need to start using the computer more, and the iPad less.

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