LifeVantage Protandim Day 2

Tuesday Night 12:06am – forgot to post my blog before midnight.  Is it my imagination.  Is my left inner ear much less scratchy and irritated already?  I must have a vivid imagination.  This morning we went to the gym and exercised and did water aerobics.  Then we went for our first (my VERY FIRST) tanning session at Sun West Tanning.  I went in for six minutes.  We are going to go in every other day all month to prepare for our trip to Belize in May.  Tonight, Tuesday, we went out to eat for Taco Tuesday and played Trivia.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 – 9:30pm  Hmmm, my left inner ear has not been itching today.  Yeaaa!  We received the Canine Protandim and gave it to Bjorn and Oakley today.   Also, received the TrueScience cream and started it.  We went to the gym this morning.  First, did the exercise equipment, then the water aerobics and steam sauna.  Went to the tanning salon, Fred Meyers, post office – mailed Cinnamon a bottle of Protandim.  Went to the nail salon – Nails 2000 – and had a manicure, pedicure with parafin, waxed eyebrows and waxed lip.  Had a hair cut at Perfect Look. Had a late dinner – 8:30pm – when Craig got home.  Had a nice long talk with Skipper this afternoon.  Another busy, perfect day.

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