LifeVantage Protandim Day 40

After getting my library card from the Canby library the other day, I talked on the phone for over a half hour this morning with the Librarian and had my computer set up to download ebooks and audiobooks borrowed from the library. Then the three of us did a lot of running around, including going to Eric’s to bring a few things for the mushroom growing. Then went to a small, rustic country cafe for a delicious breakfast/lunch. Picked up Aunt Hap to go to the bank and then to Baskin Robbins. Best suggestion of the day! Took Hap back home and went to the Salem Art Center to see their friend’s paintings that were showing. Always a lot of fun going to art shows. A little shopping at Dicks Sporting Goods and Joann’s. Then back to Canby and a fun dinner at The Wild Hare. Six Days to Belize!

This is Day 40 for Protandim. I read dozens of testimonial success stories. I want my left eye, which has epi-retinal membrane – a scar over the center of my retina – to go away and clear my vision. I am still waiting (im)patiently for my success story. Will I get it? I sure hope so!

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