Like yourself just the way you are!

Woke up this morning with a rash in the corner of my left eye and a rash down my cheek by the left side of my mouth.  Using cortisone cream.  I am feeling way too stressed.  Need to get control of my emotions and Calm Down!  Lots of deep breaths.  Whatever happens – happens.  Not worry about what is to come, just enjoy this exact, perfect moment.  Breathe!  I do not do stress well.  So, do not stress.  Think positive thoughts.  Think of yourself, and not worry so much about others.  Honestly, I have to figure it out, because this is not working.  So, Pollyanna, or not, it has to work for me or ‘forgid aboud id’!!!  My whole body is in a tumble.  Sore throat, etc, etc.   So silly.  Just calm down.  Relax.  Take it easy.  One step at a time.  I need a Starbucks Grande Carmel Frappuccino – No whip.  Relaxation in a cup.  Or at least a nice sugar high!

Dad and I are meeting with Uncle Joe at 11:00am at Niles to see if any antique stores would be interested in Auntie Isabel’s jewelry.  Then we are spending the night and going to the Veterans in the morning.  Right now, I wish both of the boys would go live there.  I sincerely need a break.

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