Little things make a big difference.

Yesterday flew by too fast.  In the morning I spent two hours boiling my herbs that I am using to clear this permanent mucus from my chest.  At noon dad and I went to Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel’s and at 1:00 we all went for lunch to Jack-in-the-Box.  When we got home, we went over to Eleanor’s and spent two hours on the phone with AT&T U-verse who are charging 87-year-old Eleanor $200.07 – and she Never hooked up the telephone or the computer!  AT&T U-verse sent her the modem and cables to Self-Install!  Yea, Right!  Came home and grabbed a bite to eat and went to the Jacuzzi.  A little too tired and a little to cool to go swimming.  Came home and spent a couple of hours emailing Gerald at  with a follow-up email to the DirecTV $400 Cancellation Fee; about the $200.07 fee to AT&T U-verse – all for service she never had!  Exhausting.  Also, I had to organize and box everything as I am going to take the box to UPS this morning before going to my last Hypnotherapy session for Virtual Gastric Band.  Want to hurry home to help dad with his clock that got unplugged when we moved all the furniture to clean last weekend – and his 4:30am timer is not working now.  Also, going swimming this afternoon, before going line-dancing tonight at 7:00pm.  Going to start bringing dad with me Tuesday nights and get him out of the house a little.  I am still treating my right ear twice a day for the re-piercing.  I am still drinking my herb tea from acupuncture twice a day.  I am still doing self-hypnosis for weight loss twice a day.  And every night, I am cleaning dad’s open wound on his left elbow with Walgreen’s Saline Wound Wash and Neosporin.  This wound keeps re-opening for months now and I am determined to clean it every single day for two weeks and if it still doesn’t heal to call the doctor.  Every night it is a fight with dad to do this.  I am exhausted.  Luigi is so much fun to play with at Eleanors – but, honestly, I actually feel so much more free – and feel I am able to get out and get more things done now.  I really did dote on that little guy.  Happy I did, but I am getting more accomplished now.

Remember those three pair of pants in size 16 that I bought at the thrift store a week ago.  One fit, one didn’t, and the third one is even smaller.  Good news!  Today I wearing pair number two!  So exciting!  Wore them to line dancing tonight.  Very Happy!


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