Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.

Handyman Raymond showed up at my door at 9:30am this morning. We talked until 11:30am about potatoes. He worked until 1:30pm. Then he left and didn’t come back until 6:00pm and worked for an hour. One exciting thing that is happening is that both his daughter and his brother have started eating potatoes. They both already are feeling so much healthier. This still blows my mind. It is real. His brother weighs about 500 pounds, and obviously, has health issues. So, if he can stay with it, I would love to see how his health improves. This is my 20th day, and I am still loving it. But, this afternoon Dr. Kwang’s office is calling. And, I definitely what to clear this chronic bronchitis from my chest. But, I can always drink their teas and juices, and then just have potatoes. I know that it will all work out okay.

Mostly, I love the weight loss. 176 this morning. Jeans fitting more comfortably. Long way to go.

Received a call about the RV Tech class that I am taking online starting tomorrow morning. The Live Class is in Arkansas and starts at 8:00am, which is 5:00am our time. It is eight hours each day starting tomorrow through Sunday, for five days. So, looks like I will be pretty busy this week.

Also, Kwang Wellness called today. They have the results from my DNA hair sample. The first phase of herb teas will address circulation for six weeks. They will call back tomorrow to tell me more and perhaps get things started. So, I’m thinking if I can stay on the potatoes and do the herbs for six weeks, I should be in pretty good shape in six weeks. Health Health Health. I Love It.

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