Live your dreams

This should be fun.  This morning dad and I are meeting Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel at their apartment at 10:00am and going out for coffee and donuts at one of their favorite donut shops.  Uncle Joe always eats so many donuts before we all go out for lunch, and then says how there is too much food and he is not hungry.  So, dad and I, decided – let’s  just go out in the morning and have donuts and coffee with him.  That seems to be what he enjoys the most.  Curious how this will go.  You know with Uncle Joe – you Never know what he is going to say.  lol

We ordered dad a computer Tablet from HSN tonight.  He is very excited.  Our friend Frank Mendes had a heart surgery a few days ago, and he is back in St. Rose Hospital in ICU in a lot of pain.  Very scary.  Had lots of fun with the family today.  Our best guy on TV that we love and watch seven days a week, Huell Howser, from California Gold, has died at the age of 67.  This is shocking.  I have decided if I am to die young, whoever really knows; I just want to enjoy and appreciate these easy times, now with dad.  If this is my entire life, I want to appreciate it for what it is.  A very good life.  Dreaming about tomorrow – may never come.  Today is good – great.  We are Very Blessed!

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