Living the wonderful life.

No Family Lunch today.  Uncle Joe had a tumor under his right eyelid removed at the Veterans Hospital in Palo Alto today.  So, I had this warm, wonderful day to run around and get lots of things done and enjoyed every minute.  Currently, I am listening to the 20 CD (I am on the 3rd CD) of “The Bridge, the life and rise of Barack Obama” in my car.  So far, I am really enjoying it.  Right now we are learning about his mom and dad and family and Kenya, Hawaii, Kansas, etc.  Enjoyed a nice lunch at the Taqueria, a sundae from Baskin Robbins, bought a new pedometer, gave a light wax to my recently washed car.  Car is running well.  Increasing Luigi’s bone intake, because his bowels just seem too loose and stick.  He also had a serious “accident” on the carpet.  Yuck!  Trying to regulate this.  I am the slowest learner.  Hope I figure this out.  We will see.  Also, sewed my top this got a small hole.  Oh, I am just so handy!  lol

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