Macula Pucker, also known as Cellophane Membrane, ERM – Epiretinal Membrane.

Sometimes the scar tissue–which causes a macular pucker–separates from the retina, and the macular pucker clears up – YEP!  THIS IS WHAT I AM WORKING ON MY QIGONG FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  PLEASE  PLEASE  PLEASE  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I received the Ultimate Eye Support Vitamins from Lessman on HSN – Home Shopping Network.  Need to try Everything to help my eyes.

Hey, did I mention the good news is, I don’t seem to be having the headaches now.  So, primarily I need to work on the vision blurry and contortedness.

Went to acupuncture today and had needles for the mucus in my chest and for my allergies and for my eyesight.  Had the infrared for my chest.  Brought home more herbs to boil.  Also, received a mantra to chant and meditate/visualize with.

Ohn Ma Ni Ba Mi Hon

Went to Lake Elizabeth today and took a short barefoot walk.  Felt so good.  Also, received my Spring Forest SFQ – Level One Qigong dvd’s and book with Master Chunyi Lin in the mail to help work on health.


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