Make today count. Dream!

This morning, dad and I went to the dining table at the club house.  Lots of people there and had a fun time.  Then we had lunch at Yanni’s Cafe.  We both had a big donut at the clubhouse and brought half of our delicious linguica omelettes home and had them for dinner tonight.  Perfect!  This afternoon we did our laundry and I boiled my herbs.  Wow!  This batch tastes awful!  We ran over to Bob Birds and picked up two calendars for next year.  Tonight I went line dancing.  Really enjoying it, but there are only going to be three more classes between now and the middle of January, and the next one on the twelfth is the day of Auntie Isabel’s funeral, plus Skipper and Cheri called tonight and they will be here for the services!  That is the good news!  Tommy and Uncle Joe had a very busy day today.  So happy about that.  Good day.

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