Make today ridiculously amazing!

They have a 24-hour Haggen grocery store and I spent a nice restful night. Directly across the street from yesterdays live theater show. How convenient. Woke up to light rain. Ugh Oregon. Went to Anytime Fitness and rode the bicycle and listened to one of my
Annette Funicello albums. She is a lot of fun. Rode 2 miles in about 27 minutes. I’m kind of slow. Scale says I weigh 183 pounds. Sigh. This is going very slowly. But I persist! No one ever said that losing weight is easy. I am on a mission…. though Much Slower than I had anticipated. Each day I keep trying to improve.

Went to the movies. Saw Mistress America. Good movie. Definitely a chick flick. Feeling tired. Want to rest. Maybe I can sleep this weight off. Thought it wasn’t supposed to start raining until Wednesday. It is raining today. So guess it will rain all week. Do I stay or do I go? Where? How far? Let me sleep on it.

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