Make today worth remembering.

Great News! Handyman Raymond arrived at 9:00am this morning. Says he brought help with him, and that they are going to work hard all day and finish Today! My dream has come true! I really believe him. (Please remind me, Not to hire him, or ask him for any more work.) Just bite the bullet, and continue search for another handyman, when needed. He definitely has done a 100% better job of quality work than Handyman Chuck, but, certainly no less frustration to complete jobs. I am feeling very hopeful that today we will conclude. Yeaaaaaaaa!

More Great News! Handyman Raymond has completed. He is going to come back in a couple of weeks (maybe) to do a little follow-up, but essentially he has completed. Looks good. Very happy.

We changed the clocks back one hour last night. Boy, did it get dark early tonight.

Tonight is the last night before the Presidential election. Lots of concerts on the campaign trail. Kinda fun. Lightens up the mood. Will be so happy to have this election over. I have watched so many speeches. Very similar each time.

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