Make yourself a top priority!

Yes, I spent four hours, from 5:30am to 9:30am this morning, trying to transfer some hypnosis downloads over to my Windows Media Player.  What would take the average person four seconds, or four minutes, took me four hours!  They are now on my Playlist, but, I still don’t know how to get them into Genre or Artist areas in WMP.  Listened to one hypnosis track on my new little MP3 Player, but it came out mono instead of stereo.  Not sure if it is suppose to.  Going to go back from the beginning and try and figure that out.  I wish I had someone to ask simple questions.  I google the question, but don’t always immediately get quite the answer I am looking for.  Google keeps referring me to iTunes.  Yuck!  But, it would probably be 100% easier.  I almost caved this morning.  lol  Why can’t I just go with the flow.  Why do I have to be so stubborn?  I don’t know, but it is kind of fun, even though I need to scream a little bit to get out the frustration.  haha  But, it feels SO GOOD when I make progress!

Today I went to Livermore to the new Paragon Outlet with all the high end stores.  After going through the entire complex – I remembered – I don’t like to go shopping!  haha  But, I’m glad I took the tour.  Another naughty day.  I had a coupon for a scoop of ice cream for my birthday for Baskin Robbins.  I bought another caramel apple with nuts from Gala bakery – they are Amazing!  Listened to my Hillary Clinton CD’s.  I’m on CD 8 of 20.  Went to the Jacuzzi.  Still raw feeding Luigi.  Had a really nice day.

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