Manning, South Carolina

Drove two hours to Manning, South Carolina and staying at the Howard Johnson. I am really getting frustrated. Every time I step outside to do anything, my eyes are stinging because the sweat is pouring into them. I cannot enjoy myself at all with this continuing to happen. It is so beautiful in this part of the country. I really want to RV and enjoy it. I’m sure it is just because it is June, because I would love to see so much. But will I ever come back? I just don’t know. It is very far, and their weather is so absurd. Just want to get back to the west coast so much. It is so silly having to keep staying in these hotels. It is 100 degrees with 51 percent humidity which they say feels like 109 degrees. I just cannot stay in the van in this much heat. I think I need to go on a beach vacation. -:) Smile!

It is 11:00pm and just walked to the office. It feels really nice outside! Of course, my toilet is broken! lol They’ll have someone come tomorrow and fix it.

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