Martin Luther King Jr Holiday

Skipper drove to Victorville today and picked up my mail from the post office.

Good news. Lots of mail from Kaiser. Now, I have my Kaiser card and also dental through Kaiser.

This month is my first month to be on Medicare. Can’t believe I will be 65 in nine days. I feel more like I’m nine years old. lol

We are having beautiful sunny weather in between another rain storm coming.

Poor Jean is really bruised and swollen. Cheri has to go back to work tomorrow, so Skipper drove and picked up Jean’s sister Frieda, to come and take care of Jean.

For me, I am inundated with paper work. Seems no matter how many hours I work on it, it just keeps stacking up. Not sure what I have gotten myself into. This is going to take a lot of time. May need a third file cabinet. But, where to put it. Out of space.

Just going to relax for now. I do that best!

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