Master Follies Lambda Omega Alpha 2013

Kat called dad today, which is Mother’s Day.  I was lucky enough to talk to Kat for quite a while.  She directed me to a YouTube Video “Master Follies Lambda Omega Alpha 2013”.  Really fun video.  Sort of distant, so I really could not choose which one was Kat.  She also said to look at 2011 and 2012, but I couldn’t find them on YouTube. 

Dad and I went to the movies this morning and saw “Iron Man Three” with Robert Downey Jr.  Good movie.  Lots of great sports this afternoon.  The Giants baseball one, Tiger Woods won, and the Warriors Basketball won.  We made delicious spaghetti with garlic that Carol gave us, and finished the garlic bread with real bits of garlic in it from Bill and Carol.  I would say that today was a really fun day.  Really.

Oh yeah, and I sold two more books on Amazon which I am mailing.  And going to the Jacuzzi tonight.

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