Just wanted to put Max Bygraves name somewhere that I can find it.  I love his singing and would love to see some of his comedy.  He passed away this last year, but I really love him.

Had a nice morning and took lots of things to the Salvation Army.  Dad and I took his car to Ramon’s Diagnostic because his Service Engine Soon light came on.   The son turned the light off and did not hook up the car to check the codes.  Ramon has been sick and did not come to work until tonight.  Finally, at 10:00pm we picked up the car.  When the light comes back on – we will take it to Jim’s Auto Repair.

Dad and I spent several hours with Eleanor Flanagan and Luigi (Luie).  Eleanor signed a two year contract with DirectTV, two weeks ago on September 5th.  She called because of problems with both audio and video.  They told her to go get a new cable herself.  We called and cancelled her service and they are charging her $400 for cancelling.  I am so outraged.  I am going to call one of the TV stations and see if they can help her.  She is 87 years old.  I feel this is elder abuse.  We called to cancel AT&T telephone and computer, but AT&T said that their computer system was down and to call back in two hours.  So the three of us went and had dinner at Jack-in-the-box and when we came home two hours later and called AT&T – they were closed!  She is definitely going to stay with Comcast.  A much more ethical company.  We did have a good time with both Eleanor and Luie and it was a good day.

This evening I spent two hours swimming in the pool under the Harvest Moon.  Beautiful!  Loved every minute of it.


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