May today be filled with kind thoughts, happy moments and positive energy.

Yesterday, Skipper and I drove to Hemet, which is about two hours away, for a LifeVantage meeting.

It was a small group with just seven of us at a beautiful home, with a backyard so magnificent. Lots of green trees and bamboo trees, and bbq’s and about ten round tables and chairs and weaved around and went on and on and on. Swimming pool, jacuzzi. The guest house was a studio that was about the size of my whole house – and Much Nicer! lol

We left early, about 11:00am and went to the Victorville mall and had lunch – and Carmel apples!

We went sight-seeing around Hemet.

The meeting was not until 6:45pm.

Today I went and had a facial for the first time in, I don’t know – 5 to 10 years or more.

Honestly, not my favorite facial.

Now, I want to go have more facials, and get one that I really enjoy.

Hey, why not!?!!!!!!

Afterwards, I went over to the Thai Massage and was going to try their massage for the first time.

Of Course! They had a sign up.

CLOSED for two weeks – taking care of a Family Matter. Will let you know when we will re-open on Facebook.

L O L.

Gotta Love Barstow!

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