May you feel peaceful no matter what is going on around you!

Another very busy day. Got up early as I know this is supposed to be the warmest day of the week. Got so much done today. Lots of running around. Also, Jose came by and has agreed to do my yard. Getting all of the rocks, boulders, bushes, crab grass, everything removed. Going to cement my back porch. Put in a 2′ cement retaining wall. And then rock the whole yard. Hopefully, this will be a one-time job, and I won’t have to worry much about it going forward. It is a Big Job!

So sorry to hear that Garry Shandling died today at age 66. I really liked him.

Cheri went to the doctor today and had the boot put on and is on crutches. They are having her stay home from work and meet with the Orthopedic Surgeon in Apple Valley Monday. Hopefully, they can just put pins in or set the broken foot. Not sure what the x-rays are showing yet. She was literally one hour away from signing up for her exercise class, following her big accident, when she fell and broke her foot. A bit frustrating for her.

Enjoyed the nice weather today. Wish there were lots more coming.

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