Mike & Jessi Marry in Belize

Today is Tammie’s 47th birthday. She and Don had fun celebrating her birthday snorkeling and having fu while we drove the golf cart into town. Craig, LindaRae, Jim and Katie and I drove over the North Bridge and met up with Jerry, Elena, Marne, Stacy, Chris, Maya and Kara at Captain Morgan’s for lunch. The beach and resort so gorgeous. The dirt roads and poor shanty town surrounded by lots being built up by all the International travelers who have discovered Belize.

All the family and friends arrived here at our condo by 4:00pm and we had a beautiful wedding behind the condo on the beach. They set up a beautiful arch and lined the aisle with conch-filled flowers. One of the most beautiful and touching weddings I have ever been to. Everyone so happy that these two have finally joined together. Such a beautiful evening. About 5:30pm we all arrived at Casa Picaso Restaurant and celebrated and laughed and carried on. Of course, we also “decorated” their golf cart. Tee hee. Chris, Elena, Maya and Jim all helped. Extra Perfect Day.

Oh yeah. On the ride back from Captain Morgan’s, Jim’s wallet flew out onto the dirt road. Katie yelled stop and Craig backed up and up back to the wallet. Finally, Katie yells Stop. Craig stopped so fast, we popped a wheelie. The front end of that golf cart went straight up into the air and we were nearly ejected. Wallet saved. Lives saved. Just another fun moment in Belize.

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