3:45am Watching the Moms Mabley Special on HBO.  This is a reminder to go to YouTube and watch the Moms Mabley videos.  She was always one of my favorite comedians since I was a kid.

Went to REI in Fremont this morning and bought a Manduka Pro Black Sage Yoga Mat.  I Love It!  Has a Lifetime Guarantee.  Can use it on hardwood floors, carpet, outside on cement and on grass.  Then dad and I dropped my car off at Jim’s Automotive to replace the timing belt and other work.  Then we stopped and visited with Eleanor and Luie.  Lots of fun.  Also, made myself stir-fry for brunch.  carrots, red bell peppers and mushrooms.  Delicious!  And we actually had Rain Today!  Beautiful rain, especially since it has been forever since we have had rain.  Perfect Day!


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