More blessings are on the way!

Today we placed dad in his niche at St. Joseph Cemetery in San Pablo, CA next to mom.  Truly a perfect day.  Tony and Susan picked me up and drove us to the cemetery.  Bill Mack told lots of wonderful stories about him and dad.  Deaunn led us in prayer, which was really beautiful.  Then we all went to Don Jose’s Mexican Restaurant in Castro Village.  It was so wonderful to be surrounded by all of our wonderful family.  There was Tony and Susan, Uncle Joe, Tommy, Debbie, Lenny, Kim, Hope, Deaunn, Jean, Tony, Kenny, Lisa, Bobby, Elizabeth, Jessica, Al, Lyn, Carlotta, Jim, Carol and Bill Mack.  When they placed dad up inside his niche, it sure did get emotional.  So, I took a nice big swig of bourbon from Kenny’s flask.  It went down so smooth.  “Here’s to you Pop!”  So happy that I was here for you these last seven years.  That beautiful peaceful look and happy smile that you left me with, will stay in my heart through all eternity and through all of my future travels.  I am looking forward to my eyes healing each day and going forward.  One Day At A Time!  That’s our Motto and it’s a good one.  Sure has worked for us all these years.  Up to our very final day together.  There was a lot of laughter and love on our last day, and I will always treasure that.  Love you and miss you dad.  Rest in Peace.

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