Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Long, long day. Got on the road at 6:00am Got to Mount Rushmore about noon. Guess this is the week all the motorcycles come to Sturgis – about 20 minutes from Mount Rushmore. Lots and lots of motorcycles. I did go up, up, up the mountain and did see Mount Rushmore, but it was so crowded that I only stayed a minute and did not get out of my van. It was very cool. Also, the parking lot was packed. It was a bit of a madhouse. Down the hill, I went into a replica of the Hall of the Declaration of Independence. Locals made life-size replicas of all the men who signed, and their clothes and then covered it so they are like wax – only Very Realistic. I spent a long time in there. Could have stayed much longer, but wanted to get back on the road.

Guess I drove through Wyoming from I90 to Hwy 212 and back to I90West. Drove and drove and drove and drove. Beautiful – but absolutely no turnouts whatsoever. Much happier to be here in Montana. Arrived in Billings at 9:00pm. Am staying in my van in the Walmart parking lot tonight. Feeling happy and cozy.

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