Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is a Buddhist mantra that I learned years ago.  While struggling with my new mantra – ohn ma ni ba mi hon – which feels a bit like a tongue twister for me, suddenly my previous mantra popped into my head.  Now to decide which mantra to work with at this time.  I’m sure it doesn’t matter, but it is kind of fun!

Aha!  I just looked up my new mantra – and apparently Dr. Tsao gave it to me incorrectly.  On the computer it is – Om mani padme hum – one of the most important mantras in Buddhism.  I’m going to research this and go from there.

Today, dad and I are not going to the movies.  We’ve decided to just stay home and watch football games, 49ers and the Raiders and have bacon and eggs for breakfast.


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