Near and far, big and small, miracles still happen.

Bought dad another pair of the fleece pants that he likes so much this morning.  Went to acupuncture this afternoon.  Dr. Tsao also did some kind of ear – where he puts two tiny seeds covered by a piece of tape, on my left ear.  One is for my lungs, the other is for my eye.  The eye one really triggered an emotional response.  I am taking that as a very big positive.  Wouldn’t it be great, if I could just release emotion and my eye would repair itself.  Right.  lol  So, I am to kind of rub and push on these two spots throughout the week, and stimulate them.  Also, he taught me how to take a chunk of one of my herbs, put it into very hot water, then, like a poultice, place it on my eyeball.  When it cools down, do it again.  I am happy to try it.  I imagine it also will feel rather relaxing.  Dad and I had spaghetti and meatballs, from the meatballs that we made at Uncle Joe’s Monday, for dinner tonight.  Pretty fun!

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