Never procrastinate your own happiness.

So Happy that I went to see Don Rickles Live tonight. What a great show. He is one of the Greats!

And Perfect Timing. As we were walking out of the show, all the large TVs were just starting the Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm fight. I had heard of Rousey, but I didn’t know which one she was. Nice, fast, two-round fight and Knock Out! The crowd went wild. Was I surprised to find out it was Rousey that was KO’d! Glad it was over though. There started to be a lot of blood and and I was just about to leave when – Whack! lol I definitely prefer watching the guys knock each others brains out. haha

Looks like I may need to get a room at the hotel where the workshop is next weekend. It is right downtown Portland, and I don’t like to fight the traffic. Though, I had better call first, and see if there is any parking for my 10 foot high van.

I read that the Oregon coast is having Super High Ocean Waves, so think I will head for the coast tomorrow and enjoy the action.

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