Never underestimate the power of a dream.

Made an appointment for tomorrow to have an eye exam and get a pair of glasses.  Even though my vision is changing daily after my laser eye surgery, I definitely need glasses for near and medium to accomplish all of the things that I currently need to do.  Did drive a little today.  My vision is making me very nervous.  Bill took the freezer to his shed.  The guys came and picked up the power scooter and the power lift.  When the inspector came yesterday, he ran the dishwasher.  I heard a weird noise and turned it off.  May have had a full tub of water.  Now the dining room rug is soaked.  Never a dull moment!  lol  Today was super busy with just a lot of little things.  Was looking forward to a nice, quiet, slow day.  Hmmm….  not sure when I can schedule that just now.  So much to think about and do, and so much hurry up and wait.  Just going to take a few minutes and relax.

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