Nothing can change one thing: the wonderfulness of you!

Dad and I had a nice Labor Day BBQ at the clubhouse, catered by Yanni’s Café.  Delicious ribs, chicken, corn, salad, rolls and dessert.  The karaoke music was lots of fun and all the dancers and singers were great.  Myrna Lee and Sheila and I all agreed that we are going to join the line-dancing at the clubhouse Tuesday nights. Except tomorrow night, because they are having their NEVRA meeting.  Had to park my car in Bev Morgan’s driveway.  Went to retrieve it – and Luigi (Louie) spotted me and got out of the fence and ran out to me in the middle of the street.  He is so cute.  As I was returning him, naturally he immediately had a ball for me to throw.  Eleanor Flanagan said, “He always wants me to throw the ball”.  “I know!”  I said.  lol  “Thanks for taking over”.  I honestly have spent the last six years throwing the ball.  I really am getting so much more done these days.  Always trying to look at the bright side of this.

Boiled my herbs when we got home.  Anne Marie, Louise Russo’s daughter called Auntie Isabel. Carmella, Louise Russo’s 96-year-old sister has died.  So shocking, because we just had lunch with them a couple of months ago and she looked so vibrant.   They said she had leukemia.  Not sure if she knew that or not.  Sure glad we had the pleasure of having lunch.  Life sure does go by quickly.


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