Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over.

Been running everywhere today. Getting lots done. Frustrated that I am still at 184 pounds. So today I just ate food. Need to start over. Can’t starve for nothing forever. New plan. Since I can no longer go swimming or jacuzzi in the indoor pools because of bacteria, I think I will get my iPhone and earphones and go to the gym and either treadmill or bicycle and listen to my Audible Books. I will try to mindlessly do this and keep my body moving until this weight comes off. Still focused but need to continue making it better.

As a treat to myself for this frustrating times, first I went and had a marvelous mani/pedi today. Totally a great idea. And second, I went to Verizon and pre-ordered the new iPhone 6S with 128GB, because my phone is always telling me I am getting too full. Very exciting. Should be coming in around the 25th.

I am now on my way to the movies. Bought Fathom Events ticket for the boxing fight with Mayweather vs. Berto. Plus two other fights. Should be about four hours.

And Hopefully, this week I can lose the weight!!!!!!

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