Notice recurring patterns in your life. What learning might they hold?

Not quite sure what I am doing at the moment. Getting restless staying home. Took a little ride in van today. Felt really good. But, at the end of the day, happy to be back home. Kind of torn. Kind of restless. Not sure what I feel like doing. Or where to go or what to do. Still need to tend to business here, and certainly completely unmotivated. Very bad. Procrastination has become severe. Need to hear that little “ding” in brain, jump in, and complete business. What is holding me back. Have no idea. But, I do love the nights. More contented. We’ll see. One day at a time. It is 100% up to me. I can do what ever I want. What the heck is that? lol Being so lazy is certainly not helpful. Have ideas. Then decide no. Then recurring. Over and over. Action is so much more productive and fun. Yes, I need to take action. Any action. Hmmmm… think I’ll sleep on that. lol Here we go again.

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