Drove 300 miles in 6 1/2 hours today. So glad that I have EZ Pass for the tolls. Both Pennsylvania and Ohio have So Many Tolls. I’ll know I am back on the west coast when the weather stops being so muggy and when there are no more tolls. I was going to stay in the van at a visitor center tonight, but I was sweating so bad in like two seconds, I gave the idea up quickly. So I am in another motel. So Happy that I am driving West. The east coast is not for me. Beautiful, but Not Comfortable. Took a nice hot bath and relaxed.

So Happy, I was able to listen to my Roadtrek Podcasts through my car stereo all the way here. They are about an hour long each, and I am behind about 20 weekly episodes. (So Busy!) hahahahahaaaaaa

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