Ohn Mani Bami Hon – phonetically:  Own Maw Knee Baa Mee Hone (long o).

This is the mantra that my acupuncturist gave me yesterday to meditate and visualize with twenty minutes a day, twice a day.  I want to do this to work towards clearing up my eyesight.  Yes, I know that I am going to acupuncture to clear up this mucus in my chest – this was week 10!  Guess I was So Healthy for the last seven years, this year is trying to make up for it.  lol    I am Convinced that I will be Healthy!  I AM HEALTHY!   Just want my little bits and pieces back in order.

Dad and I drove Niles Canyon to Pleasanton again today and visited Agnes Destasi at The Parkview for Retirement.  She was so happy to see dad.  She does have alzheimers and doesn’t remember anything – but, she is so much fun and she still plays bridge.  She doesn’t even remember visiting with Auntie Dorothy three years ago at Baywood.  She called tonight to thank dad for visiting and hopes he comes visits again soon.  This afternoon dad and I went to Walmart and then we visited with Eleanor Flanagan and Luie.  Such a fun visit.

Good news is – driving today was less scary.  Sure hope it continues to improve.  Not sure, but it seems that after my acupuncture treatments, my eyes improve.  Also, continuing my eye exercises and qigong exercises.



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