One kindness sparks another.

This morning I took my millet hull body pillow, millet hull pillow, and extra millet hulls to the Salvation Army.  Yup!  And then I went to the chiropractor.  I got such a “crick” in the left shoulder and arm several days ago, that I just cannot shake.  The pillow was just too large for me I guess.  It just didn’t work out, so I decided not to fight it, or force it, or regret, just accept it and move on.   I am glad I tried it.  Actually, I really did enjoy it, but as often happens, what I enjoy and what my body enjoys, are not always the same things.  Then I went to the Jacuzzi, took several advils, and bought and used some muscle cream.  Yes, this little princess body likes to feel free.   Just today I found on YouTube the Barbara Stanwyck movie that dad has been looking for for years “A Message to Garcia”, and just as happenstance, we also found that it is also on TCM Tonight!  Dad saw that movie when he was eleven years old, and it is one of those movies that has always stayed in his mind.  We both are very curious to see what it is really like after all these years.  At eleven years old, he fell in love with Barbara Stanwyck in that movie.  I love it.

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