One smile, can start a friendship.

Thankfully, my double-paned windows are good quality. But, the workers did not finish the job properly and air and moisture are coming in. So, we are going to finish the windows and get them sealed really well. Do you know, that we even had to re-do the toilet paper holder – because it was not installed properly. I Am Exhausted. But, good news. The back unit is completed. And my unit is completed.
Now, we will begin the exterior on Monday.

My couch arrived today. It is a two seat recliners with cup holders. My house and living room are very, very small. Really no good place for this couch. lol I wish I knew what I was doing at least once in a while. I am just taking it one day at a time. One foot in front of the other. It’s just that every thing reminds me of how much I do not know. Thank God for naps. lol

Ah, I don’t care. I think it is all going to work out okay. I mean, now there is some where to sit. But, I need one more seat for sure. I’ll work on that.

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