Only those who believe in magic can ever hope to find it.

Yes, I am very happy this beautiful Sunday morning. On September 1st, I weighed 190 pounds.
Early this morning, October 9th, I stepped on the scales and weigh 169 pounds. Potatoes really are magical. How can I never be hungry, always be satisfied, and from all of the material that I read, by eating just the potatoes, the weight that is coming off, is actually fat. Real, live, fat. Hopefully, this is a permanent weight loss. Of course, if I start eating all of the favorite junk foods, which I hope to eat in more moderation going forward, I will gain it back. But, if, going forward, I eat a healthier diet – fresh fruits and vegetables. Less fast food, I should reasonably be able to maintain a healthy weight. I do expect to eat potatoes going forward. When I reach my goal weight, I hope to check the scales often. When I see I’ve gained a few pounds, I can take a few days and eat my potatoes. Hopefully, easy peasy. I feel so blessed to have found this solution. This is going to take a long time, because I have so much weight to lose, but all the more reason why it is so important for me to complete this. This fat is just plain not healthy. I especially realized it, when Kaiser refused to do my surgery, solely because I was too fat and put me in the high risk area for surgery. I wanted elective surgery. But, the next time, it may be much more serious. I don’t want my fat to be the complication. Also, I’ve read that getting the fat off, could help with my snoring and sleep apnea. They say that I have Severe Sleep Apnea. Who the heck wants that. I want No sleep apnea. I have thought about losing this weight for thirty years. Can’t believe that I am riding this wave and hanging ten. That means I am really doing a great job. Loving This!

Visited with Skipper and Cheri this afternoon. Made the Health Tonic juice. Just couldn’t drink it. Tonight is the second debate for Clinton and Trump. What a crazy election year. Four more weeks. Will be so glad when this is over. Found out I am a mail-in voter, so when I get the ballot, I can just mail it in.

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