Only you can control you.

Where does the time go? Haven’t posted for a couple of days. Skipper and I drove to Las Vegas and picked up Cheri’s mom from Texas to come visit for two or three months. We all stayed overnight in Las Vegas. Skipper and I visited several casinos at state line and gambled all night until 4:30am. Mostly at a craps table that doesn’t have a dealer. It has a big tube in the middle of a large round table where up to eight people can play. The computer lady says over and over Push the Button. Go Ahead. Push the button. We played for hours on about $20. Lots of fun. Had a great buffet breakfast. My offer was accepted on the duplex a couple doors away from Skipper’s. Scheduling an inspection. Will probably happen while we are in Lubbock next week. My solar panel and generator are not working at all in my van. Not sure when we are going to have that looked at and fixed. Guess there is no hurry right now anyway. Seems to be a lot happening and nothing happening all at the same time. Gee this new Macbook Pro has a nice keyboard. Think I am loving it Haven’t had any time to be on it yet. So much to learn.

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