Osaki OS-3D Pro Dreamer Massage Chair

When I saw my niece Patty’s massage chair, I knew that was exactly what I have always wanted. I’ve been searching ever since. Today I ordered my chair. So excited. And they gave me the Black Friday price. Saved an addition $1,000. It should be here within two weeks.
Have been so busy. Ran to Walmart at 7:00am this morning. Then to Home Depot to make keys for the garage. Used my Tweeter Inversion Table several times today. Feels so good on my back and on my neck.
Visited with Skipper and Cheri. Made arrangements with Peggy to go see Vince Gill in Laughlin in March.
She has points for three free nights and also the tickets to see Vince Gill.
Going with her Tuesday to Twilight Wish at the Senior Center. I believe it helps older, poor people.
Trying to do so many projects. The hardest one is all my paperwork. Yikes. It never ends. Think once I get my files labeled, will be a good start. So far, I have just been throwing papers into blank folders without labeling them. Just not enough time in the day, but, definitely a must-do step, that needs to be done as quickly as possible. The categories are just getting too great.
I can think about while I’m getting a massage in my new chair. lol So excited. Can’t wait.

Skipper has been having ongoing problems with his toilet. He called me after dark, and I had to drive to Home Depot and buy him a snake. He called the plumber, who I believe is coming tomorrow, and hopefully, correcting this problem. The snake did work for tonight though. Such a relief.

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