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Put together my Tweeter Reverse machine. Let’s you hang upside down. Put it together, but haven’t actually gotten on it yet. Tomorrow. Went out to dinner with the Friday night gang to Peggy Sue’s Fifties Diner tonight. Great restaurant and fabulous gift shop. Tonight was Sue’s birthday, and everyone sang and we had cake. Lots of fun. Cheri stayed home from work and didn’t come to dinner tonight. Coming down with a cold. Peggy invited me to go see Vince Gill in concert with her in March. Should be a lot of fun. I’m enjoying puttering around the house. Getting lots of small projects completed and also getting lots of rest. It’s been a bit cold and windy, so have enjoyed mostly staying inside right now. Tonight was a beautiful night. I did get a cool bath pillow and an overflow blocker and had this amazing bubble bath tonight. It’s always the little things that I like the very best. Oh yea… and these salt and pepper mills. They use six AAA batteries “each”, but you just turn them upside down. It is so much fun. I feel spoiled just using them. At first, I didn’t think I wanted them, then I saw the gal on Little People use them and thought – what the heck, I’ll try them. Now, I absolutely love them. I’ve been using them on buttered popcorn with fresh grated parmesan cheese. It feels decadent and is Delicious. I’m using a Lock n Lock bread box as my popcorn bowl. lol Very cool.

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